How defense customers are re-thinking solid state

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Powerful and Reliable:
AR Solid State Amplifiers deliver all the Benefits

.. and none of the risks of TWTs

If you’ve experienced the uncertainties and risks associated with High Power high-frequency TWT amplifiers, it’s time to revolutionize your approach. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional TWTA amplifiers and embrace the future with the new generation of-solid-state amplifiers.

Re-thinking Solid State Technology Limits:
Our groundbreaking high-power amplifiers are redefining the boundaries of solid-state applications. with the power and frequency capabilities traditionally associated with TWT technology.

Seamless Expansion with Advanced Combiner Technology:
Our advanced combiner technology means you can scale up to unprecedented power levels, setting new benchmarks in solid state amplifier performance. The technology ensures seam-less expansion, providing you with the flexibility to meet evolving demands.

How defense customers are re-thinking solid state

Why THINK Solid State?



TWT amplifiers can be delicate and unreliable in mobile applications, hindering their performance on the go.


A failed TWT amplifier can lead to agonizing repair lead times of up to 12 months, disrupting critical operations.


With a dwindling industry and a shortage of skilled personnel, the maintenance of TWT amplifiers becomes a daunting challenge.


A tube failure in TWT amplifiers means complete breakdown, leaving you without amplification when you need it most.


TWT amplifier repair can be an expensive affair, with the tube constituting a significant portion of the overall cost.

Solid State


Our solid-state alternatives are built for versatility, ensuring reliable performance even in dynamic, mobile scenarios.


Experience minimal downtime with our solid-state technology that allows for quick and efficient maintenance, measured in hours or days, not months.


Unlike TWT amplifiers, our solid-state alternatives utilize a multiple module design, allowing for soft failures. Even if some modules malfunction, the amplifier remains operational at a reduced power level.


Reduce the total cost of ownership significantly with our solid-state alternatives. Maintenance is simplified, and customers can replace defective modules themselves, saving both time  and money.

Unrivalled SOLID STATE range | power & frequency

AR’s comprehensive range of RF and EMC testing solutions, range from complete testing systems, cutting-edge software, and customized designs. The table below serves as a reference guide to help you identify the Solid State amplifiers that align with your specific requirements.

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World First Solid State Industrial Amplifiers

With over two decades of experience in the defense sector, we possess a deep understanding of the distinctive needs within this specialized market. Our track record includes successfully addressing challenges for global defense organizations through groundbreaking applications of solid-state amplifiers, marking several world-first achievements.

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re-thinking amplifiers | contact us for a discussion about your application