Chambers FAQ

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This shielding structure is constructed by 2mm pan-type galvanized panels and assembled with special fastener M10 and high-performance gasket to ensure a long-life RF shielding attenuation. It is a bent flange that is welded on the corners to close up the “pan” profile.

The proper selection of anechoic material is critical to your success. The chamber can, and does fail qualification testing due to poor anechoic material or the wrong type. The key to selecting the right microwave absorber(s) is the material’s reflectivity performance. Our recommendation is for a thorough technical discussion with AR applications engineers, in order to identify the proper solution for your requirements.

Includes AC and DC filters from 5A, 16A up to 200A, SPN and TPN, from 50/60Hz to 400Hz. Custom filter options can be discussed on a case by case basis.

From 3’ x 7’ to 10’ x 10’ as standard offerings, both single and double leaf doors. Automatic sliding door and gates are also available.

The size of the chamber is limited by the space and budget available for the construction, and any limitations given by testing standards.

For radiated emission:
EN 61000-6-3
EN 61000-6-4
CISPR 11 / EN55011
CISPR 12 / EN55012
CISPR 14-1 / EN55014-1
CISPR 15 / EN55015
CISPR 16-1-4
CISPR 32 / EN55032
ETSI TS 102-321
ETSI TR102-273-2
ETSI TR102-273-3
Mil-Std 461
Mil-Std 464
ANSI C63.4
ANSI C63.10
FCC part 15

For radiated immunity:
IEC/EN 61000-4-3
EN 61000-6-1
EN 61000-6-2
CISPR 14-2 / EN55014
CISPR 20 / EN 55020
CISPR 24 / EN 55024
ISO 11451
ISO 11452
Mil-Std 461
Mil-Std 464
IEC 60601-1-2
EN 61000-4-21

Positioning equipment, CCTV, shielded converters, test tables for MIL-STD and CISPR standards, 3rd party performance testing, removable ramp, fire detection and suppression, etc.

While the pan type shielding system is a very practical design, it is highly recommended that it be installed by experienced and qualified technicians in order to maintain performance and efficiencies.

Yes, we offer antenna test range with high-power handling microwave absorbers that perform up to 80 GHz.

Yes, AR is a one stop solution provider that can implement complete EMC systems catered to any customer requirements.

  1. Within 50 ft. from the installation site, a 230 Vac /16 Amp (EU/Asia) or 110 Vac / 16Amp (USA) mains power outlet and sufficient lighting shall be available.
  2. The max. fluctuation mains voltage in the parent building is 10% of 230VAC.
  3. The floor of the installation area for the chamber or shielded room shall meet a floor flatness level of:
    • Length: 1m +/- 1mm
    • Length: 3m +/- 3mm
    • Length: 5m +/- 5mm
    • Overall length: +/- 7mm
  4. A floor flatness measuring report prepared on a grid of 1.0 x 1.0m shall be presented to AR 3 weeks prior to the start of the installation.
  5. The floor shall be able to withstand the full weight of the total installation and the point load.
  6. When on-site installation has started, no interruption of the work is allowed. In case such an interruption occurs beyond control of AR, the costs involved will be charged to the customer.
  7. The working site must be a dry and clean area, covered with a roof and the possibility to lock.
  8. A declaration of wind and water tightness shall be presented in writing to AR 3 weeks prior to the start of the installation.
  9. Working conditions on site shall meet following conditions:
    • Temperature: 15°C minimum / 25 °C maximum
    • Humidity: 70% maximum
  10. Working conditions on site during ferrite and absorber installation shall meet following conditions:
    • Temperature: 18°C
    • Humidity: 70% maximum
  11. Temperature during validation tests inside the chamber must be 20°C +/- 10%
  12. During the entire installation, third party activities inside the shielded room / anechoic chamber are prohibited unless agreed upon with the AR project supervisor on site.
  13. For the connection to the EMC power line filters, it should be considered that it cannot be connected to a mains supply with differential current detectors, due to the large capacitors inside the filters.
  14. Prior to the execution of shielding effectiveness testing, the customer should ensure that electrical mains power is available both inside and outside of the shielded room / anechoic chamber.

This will depend on the scope of the project, refurbishment of small chambers, i.e. absorber replacements can be as little as a few days and construction of large EMC chambers such as a 10M Chamber with a 5M quiet zone can be 12 to 14 weeks.

Once the shielding installation is completed, the chamber will be tested on RF attenuation before the installation of the anechoic materials. Once the full installation is completed, the chamber will be tested by 3rd party for NSA, sVSWR and UFA compliance to verify the anechoic performance of the chamber before the system integration process.

Yes, we can provide both dry pipe systems and inert gas systems that can be easily integrated into the chamber design.

Further clarification and details can be provided by reaching AR at 800-933-8181 or sending an email to [email protected]