RF Shielded Room

The Model ARCP-0021 RF shielded room is designed to comply with shielding effectiveness requirements according to EN 50147-1 March 1996. The RF enclosure is approximately 2.400m x 2.400m x2.475m (~ 8’ x 8’ x 8’2”) (outside dimensions). This shielded enclosure is typically used as a control room space to house the instrumentation required to conduct testing in an anechoic chamber by providing an RF noise-free space that maximizes the performance of the instrumentation equipment being operated. The export classification for this equipment is EAR99.

Comtest Shield room | 1700 series | ARCP-0021

Whether you’re performing sensitive research in a semi anechoic chamber, working in a reverberation chamber or handling confidential data in a tempest or (H)EMP protected data center, crisis control center, high-quality shield rooms are required to protect your work from unwanted electromagnetic interference or possible interception.

Our RF shielded rooms come with the highest possible shielding attenuation starting at 80dB at 10KHZ up to 100dB at 40GHz. In addition to being used for EMC chambers, RF shielded rooms have several different applications and form the basis for a wide variety of testing ranges.

In close cooperation with Comtest, AR can design, build and deliver the following typical RF shielded room types:

  • RF shielded data center
  • Main Equipment Rooms (also known as a MER room)
  • Conference rooms and crisis control centers
  • RF shielded control and amplifier rooms for EMC facilities
  • Conductive test chambers
  • Reverberation chambers
  • (Semi) Anechoic chambers
  • Antenna test ranges