Reverb Chamber LUF1000

The Model ARCP-0033 Reverb Chamber is designed to comply with shielding effectiveness requirements according to EN 50147-1 and Field Uniformity as per IEC 61000-4-21 and RTCA DO160-G. The RF enclosure is approximately 0.80m x 0.90m x 1.50m (~2’-7 1/2” x 2’-11 7/16” x 4’-11 15/16”) (outside dimensions), the overall height of the enclosure is 2m (~6’-6 3/4”) on casters and provides an RF noise-free space. The export Classification for this equipment is EAR99.

Comtest reverberation chamber LUF1000 | 1716-1000 | ARCP-0033

A reverberation chamber is a specialized EMC test chamber generating very high field strength using modest amplifier power. The reflections between the RF shielded walls are optimized to add up to maximum of as many standing waves as practically possible. The chamber is mainly used for testing electrical immunity of test objects but testing total radiated power or emissions is also possible. The Reverberation chamber model LUF1000 has a lowest usable frequency of 1000MHz. The LUF1000 can be used to test products against the following EMC standards:

  • EN61000-4-21
  • Mil-STD 461
  • RTCA DO160