ATH6G18 (Discontinued)

Model ATH6G18 is a wide-band, high-gain microwave horn antenna with WRD-650 double-ridged waveguide input. It operates down to 6.0 GHz, extending the conventional WRD-650 operating band. Model ATH6G18 is capable of handling high average and peak power levels and can generate extremely high field intensities. Model ATH6G18 is a compact, rugged and lightweight brazed aluminum… Continue reading ATH6G18 (Discontinued)

ATH1G18A (Discontinued)

The Model ATH1G18A is a wide band, high gain, microwave horn antenna that provides a minimum gain of 7dB over isotropic over the frequency range 1GHz to 18GHz. The ATH1G18A supplies the constant high-intensity fields necessary for RFI/EMI field testing within and beyond the confines of a shielded room and is also designed to perform… Continue reading ATH1G18A (Discontinued)