DC7420 (Discontinued)

The Model DC7420 is a wide-band dual directional coupler intended for use with the 10ST1G18, 20ST1G18, and other “T” Series microwave TWT amplifiers. The wide frequency range assures flexibility in coupling high power amplifiers to power meters, spectrum analyzers, receivers, and other measuring instruments. The dual directional design allows the user to monitor both forward… Continue reading DC7420 (Discontinued)

DC4260 (Discontinued)

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation’s Model DC4260 is a high-power, ultra-broadband coupler with excellent performance characteristics over a range of four decades. This Dual Directional Coupler is a convenient means of simultaneously monitoring forward and reverse power in high power systems using normal laboratory oscilloscopes, voltmeters, power meters, and spectrum analyzers. The Model DC4260 is recommended for… Continue reading DC4260 (Discontinued)