Shielded Enclosure Leak Detector System

The CL-105A/CL-106A Shielded Enclosure Leak Detection System (SELDS) provides a convenient means of testing the electromagnetic shielding effectiveness of EMI enclosures by looking at the most likely points of degradation – the seams, doors, and filter connections. The system consists of a Model CL-105A Transmitter, Model CL- 106A Receiver, headphones, and a rugged carrying case. The incredible sensitivity of the model CL-105A Receiver allows it to meet the most rigid MIL standards (e.g. MIL-STD-188/125) for shielded room acceptance.

This system is designed to make relative shielding effectiveness measurements by passing a current along the surface of an EMI enclosure in order to sense the small magnetic fields formed where breaks in the EMI enclosure may occur.

The Model CL-105A Transmitter is used to generate an output signal which is connected to the EMI enclosure under test. This device has an auto-adjusting output that works with small, medium, and large EMI enclosures. An LED indicator illuminates green when the Transmitter has adjusted the output to the optimum level for the connected EMI enclosure.

The Model CL-106A Receiver has high sensitivity to detect the smallest of magnetic fields produced at breaks in the EMI enclosure under test. This unit auto-zeros and features an auditory output with a varying amplitude related to the shielding effectiveness. The auditory output is available through the built-in speaker or included headphones. A 4-digit seven-segment display is provided to indicate relative shielding effectiveness measurement values in dB. In addition, a built-in LED light source provides illumination when used in dark environments.

The export classification for this equipment is EAR99. This equipment is controlled for export in accordance with the U.S. Export Administration Regulations. Diversion contrary to U.S. law is prohibited.