Microwave horn tripod mounting system (includes swivel head, antenna bracket and mounting cylinder) for WRD-750 D24 waveguide and ATH7G18 antenna.

The TM Series models are microwave horn tripod mounting systems that include a swivel head, antenna bracket, and mounting cylinder. The mounting cylinder is an antenna adapter used on the tripod Model TP1000A. The swivel head is an adapter assembly that allows 90„a rotation of the microwave horn antenna for horizontal and vertical electric field testing. The line of sight remains constant. The antenna bracket is designed for each type of waveguide depending on the type of horn antenna used. A flexible and twistable waveguide must be used to allow for the 90„ rotation (horizontal and vertical testing), except for TM1004. TM1004 must use an adapter (side launch type) for the coax cable interface.