AR Now Incorporating SmartTags In The Ordering Process

To streamline our ordering process and to make model options more human readable, AR will be phasing in the use of SmartTags on our new amplifiers. SmartTags are structured to identify all necessary product options and reduce the chance of ordering mistakes. In the past, options were identified through a series of “M” modification numbers, i.e. 100A250BM3. Without the specification sheet, a user could not determine what options were included. The new SmartTags solve that problem.

If applicable, specification sheets that include selectable ordering options provide a detailed set of options defining how an amplifier can be configured, the SmartTags. The selectable options are dependent upon the amplifier. For example, 100A250B-R-N-R-N-NE-R-U is an amplifier that contains Rear N input and output RF connectors with no enclosure that includes a remotes option. The configured SmartTag corresponds to a specific model number. The amplifier in the above example corresponds to the old configuration model 100A250BM3. Below is an example of the ordering options on a specification sheet.


AR will continue to accept the older configuration style for the foreseeable future. We understand the need to offer the ability to order a product that was ordered in the past