Laser Probe Interface for FL8000 Series Laser-Powered Electric Field Probe

Each FL8000 Series laser-powered electric field probe kit contains the FI8000 laser probe interface, along with everything needed to operate the field probe. Remote control and laser power for the FL8000 Series field probes is provided by the FI8000 Laser Probe Interface.

PC InterfacesIEEE-488 (GPIB)
USB 2.0. Test and Measurement Class
RS-232 (19200 Baud)
Fiber-Optic Serial (19200 Baud)
F/O Connector TypeE-2000 Compact Duplex
Application SoftwareVM7000, emcware
Laser2 W
Wavelength808 nm
Maximum Output Power2000 mW
Shutdown Time<1 ms After fiber disconnect
<250 ms After loss of communication

The field probe kits contain everything needed to operate its associated Field Probe:

  • Laser-Powered Electric Field Probe
  • FI8000 laser probe interface
  • 20m fiber-optic cable set
  • Fiber-optic mating adapter set
  • 0.5m fiber-optic jumper cable
  • Calibration Report from an ISO 17025-accredited lab
  • Mini-tripod
  • Carrying case