AR Amplifiers Have the Frequency and Power Range to Meet Your Needs

AR offers over 100 amplifiers ranging from 10 Hz – 50 GHz and with power levels of 1 W – 50 kW.

RF Solid State Amplifiers: 4 kHz – 1 GHz, 1 W – 50 kW

“Universal” Series Amplifiers: 10 kHz – 1 GHz, 1 – 500 W

Microwave Amplifiers: 0.7 – 18 GHz, 15 – 1000 W

Solid State Pulsed Amplifiers: 1 – 4 GHz, 1 – 15 kW

TWT Amplifiers: 2.5 – 50 GHz, 40 – 8300 W

Performance That Won’t Back Down

With over 50 years of proven experience, all our amplifiers are built to last with the reliability that has made AR legendary.

  • 100% mismatch tolerance
  • Low harmonics
  • Superior gain flatness
  • Excellent linearity

AR utilizes proprietary techniques to implement the most reliable and robust mechanical designs possible, especially when implementing liquid cooling. While liquid cooling isn’t always necessary for our amplifiers, it is implemented carefully when the situation arises and calls for it. Read about some advantages of liquid cooling.

World-Class Caliber Support & Service

Your amplifier is an investment that should serve you for years. When you buy an AR amplifier, the purchase is the first step in a long-term relationship. AR backs our products and supports our customers with:

  • A 3-year warranty (1 year on TWT amplifiers and traveling wave tubes)
  • Our US-based customer service department coordinates and trains a worldwide network of distributors and service houses. For Customer Service call 1.215.723.0275
  • Applications engineers on call to answer your questions at 1.800.933.8181

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