The Model ATC25M1G Cavitenna™ was developed specifically for use in a shielded room of the type commonly used for RF susceptibility testing. The Cavitenna is a small, broadband radiator designed to couple energy into the shielded room as though it were a resonant cavity. Because a shielded room is a space bounded by electrically conducting… Continue reading ATC25M1G


AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation’s Model ATP10K100M is a broadband, high power RF Field Generator. The unit is capable of generating intense fields in a large volume over a wide frequency range. The ATP10K100M is a balanced parallel conductor transmission line that is 2.4 meters long and 1.0 meters wide. It has been designed to match the… Continue reading ATP10K100M


The ATE10K100M is a broadband E-field generator of unique design, which offers operation to 100 MHz, good spatial field uniformity, and high field intensities. This generator is compact and easily supported and positioned using a tripod. It uses high-power low-inductance internal load resistors to terminate the RF drive power and a low-loss broadband impedance transformer… Continue reading ATE10K100M


Model ATE10K30MA is a high-power electric field generator designed to generate intense E fields over a frequency range of 10 kHz to 30 MHz. It is recommended for use in susceptibility testing. The ATE10K30MA is small enough to be handled easily in shielded rooms while being compatible with the high RF output powers available from… Continue reading ATE10K30MA


The Model ATE10K25M-1 is a broadband, high-power E-Field Generator. It uses low inductance internal load resistors to terminate the RF power and incorporates a broadband transformer to increase the output voltage. The transformer output is unbalanced so that the bottom flange may be unbolted from its wheeled cart and grounded, enabling use above a ground… Continue reading ATE10K25M-1