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Field Probes and Field Monitoring

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RF field probes are a required piece of test equipment used for measuring the intensity of radiated RF fields. The use of a field probe may seem straightforward; however, there are numerous aspects of using field probes that can affect the accuracy of RF measurements. Probe mounting, positioning, orientation, and sources of additional field contributions should be considered when making field measurements. Understanding these factors is important to allow achieving the best accuracy in field measurements.

The Total Solution for Your EMC and RF Testing Needs

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This comprehensive catalog includes everything necessary for RF and EMC testing. You’ll find important information on everything from RF and Microwave Amplifiers to Antennas, Probes, Analyzers, Accessories, and Integrated Test Systems that make testing quicker, easier, and more accurate. AR has distinguished itself as a single-source provider with the ability to design, build, and service industry-leading EMC test and RF chambers. AR delivers innovative technology, advanced design, quality workmanship, mismatch capability, durability, longevity, less cost per W, and a worldwide support network that’s with you all the way.

The Orange Book of Knowledge 9th Edition

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AR products not only provide solutions to current problems, they’re designed with an eye on the future to help you prepare for changing needs. As an industry leader, AR is building products that grow with you as your needs expand; giving you the resources to continually learn about the ever-changing standards and the demands of future test requirements.

That was the original idea behind the Orange Book of Knowledge; but it has grown into much more than we at AR could have ever imagined. For many engineers, this resource book has turned into the “go-to” source for everything and anything related to EMC and so much more.

The future will certainly present new challenges; and AR will be right there with you providing the technical resources and the products to meet those ever-growing demands.

Amplifier Brochure

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Utilizing proprietary engineering, our amplifiers offer 100% mismatch tolerance, low harmonics, superior gain flatness, excellent linearity and are user-friendly. AR offers over 100 amplifier models ranging from 10 Hz – 50 GHz and with power levels of 1 W – 100 kW.

Absorbers Brochure

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One of the most evident and essential components of anechoic chambers is the RF absorber. AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation (AR) is the exclusive distributor of RF absorbers from COMTEST Engineering for North America. Our closed-cell, carbon-loaded polystyrene absorbers are specifically designed to inhibit the reflection of electromagnetic radiation, making them suitable for use in EMC test laboratories and antenna chamber applications. Naturally, the absorption characteristics can be altered by using different thicknesses and arrangements.

AR Systems

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AR offers test systems that are designed to meet the requirements of today’s common EMC test standards, including IEC, MIL-STD 461 and 464, DO-160, Wireless, Automotive, HIRF, and HERO. Test systems by AR can deliver a solution that integrates all your testing needs, including radiated and conducted immunity, radiated and conducted emissions, and more.

AR Antennas

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AR offers antennas matched with our world-renowned amplifiers and system solutions, providing what you need for your application whether it be R&D, compliance testing, or other RF applications.

Controlled Electromagnetic Environments

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AR offers custom-designed as well a wide variety of predefined chambers.

AR, as a single-source provider, has integrated solutions for all your EMC and RF testing needs: radiated and conducted immunity, radiated and conducted emissions and more.

High Performance, High Quality Positioning Equipment & Antennas
for EMC and Wireless Testing

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Budgets are getting smaller, but you still need the right test equipment to get the job done. No problem! AR has introduced a new rental plan – with great low rates and an incredible buyout credit – to make it easy to get the AR equipment you need