Solid State Field Generating Systems

Solid State Amplifier and Antenna Combinations Generate Up to 50 v/m

18 to 40 GHz Solid State Field Generation

AR offers a high-frequency amplifier/antenna solution in one package. These systems provide better harmonic performance, increased reliability, quick delivery, a 3-year warranty and are only a fraction of the cost of TWTA solutions.

“AA” systems are available to cover the 18 – 26.5 GHz or 26.5 – 40 GHz frequency bands with two different minimum field strength offerings in each band. A separate rack mounted unit which includes cabling, DC power, RF routing, and control circuitry is also available. For a complete turnkey field generation system, a separate signal generator can also be included.

Ideal applications include EMC Radiated Susceptibility for MIL-STD-461 Testing, Radar Systems, Communications and TWT Replacements.

Application Notes

AA-Series Field Generating Systems