Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers (TWTA, TWT Amplifiers) for High-Power Microwave Test Applications. The “T” and “TP” Series.

1 to 50 GHz. 40 to 20,000 W.

When test needs call for higher power and higher frequency, consider our “T” Series microwave amplifier line– 1 to 50 GHz, 40 to 20,000 W CW and Pulse. These amplifiers provide coverage for a wider range of high-power microwave test applications than any other brand of microwave amplifier on the market and are incredibly feature-rich.

They also offer an advanced design and highest quality construction of any TWT amplifier on the market.

Just How Rich Are They?

Front panel displays give you digital data on everything the amplifier’s internal component monitoring system does–including forward and reflected power, gain, event recognition, and complete TWT monitoring. A well-thought-out help screen for simple navigation keeps information clear and your test accurate. Modular switching power supplies keep amplifiers maintainable, transportable and serviceable. Built-in IEEE interface, forced-air cooling, 0 dBm input, RF sample port, hardware and software VSWR protection are all standard.

Clean designs with well-engineered, well-thought-out interiors. Under the hood of these amplifiers, you’ll see quality of construction immediately. Modular components and conservative engineering mean they’re very reliable and ready for your toughest applications.