Firmware Upgrade Utility

The AR Firmware Upgrade Utility is used to upgrade the firmware for many AR products. The utility itself does not include any firmware files. These files are downloaded separately using the links below. Do not change the names of these files after downloading them. The utility uses these file names to determine compatibility with the device being upgraded. The installer for this utility includes the necessary USB driver.

WARNING: The process of upgrading firmware has the potential to leave your device inoperable if the provided instructions are not followed exactly. AR is not responsible for any damage incurred as a result of using this utility.

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10


AR Firmware Upgrade Utility (64-Bit) 5.25Download
AR Firmware Upgrade Utility (32-Bit) 5.25Download
SBB (Breakout) 3.20Download
IO Firmware 3.30Download
Display Firmware 1.80Download
1000S1G6C 1.20Download
750S1G6C 1.70Download
500S1G6C 1.50Download
711A 1.30Download
250S1G6C 2.20Download
125S1G6C 1.60Download
75S1G6C 1.40Download
1200A225A 1.80Download
5000A225C 1.40Download
TR2500A 1.50Download
TR2500 1.40Download
SC2000-SCP2000 1.80Download
FM7004 2.70Download
FM7004A 1.80Download
FI8000 2.50Download
FI7000 3.10Download
FA7xxx 2.00Download
DTSC1000 1.60Download
AA1000 1.50Download
90S4G8 1.10Download
80_40S1G18 1.00Download
80_35S1G8 1.30Download
80_20S1G18 1.40Download
80_20S1G11 1.30Download
80_15S1G8 1.20Download
80S4G11 1.30Download
80S1G4 1.40Download
800W1000 1.30Download
800A3 2.00Download
800A3B 1.90Download
800A3A 1.30Download
750W1000 1.70Download
750W1000B 1.60Download
750W1000A 1.20Download
728 2.00Download
726 1.00Download
723 1.00Download
721 1.80Download
720 1.30Download
719 1.00Download
717 1.20Download
712 1.00Download
711 1.10Download
700S1G4 1.30Download
700S1G4A 1.60Download
688 1.00Download
683 1.00Download
683A 1.30Download
682 1.50Download
681 1.40Download
681A 1.60Download
640 1.40Download
619 1.00Download
616 2.40Download
612 1.20Download
60_40S1G18B 1.00Download
60_40S1G18A 1.00Download
60_35S1G8 1.20Download
60_20S1G18A 1.20Download
60S4G8 1.50Download
60S1G6 1.50Download
60S1G4 1.80Download
60S1G4A 1.10Download
600S1G4A 1.10Download
600A400 1.70Download
600A225 2.00Download
600A225A 1.80Download
6000W1000 2.30Download
5S6G18A 1.40Download
5S4G18 1.20Download
525S1G4 1.40Download
525S1G4A 1.40Download
50_401G18 1.00Download
50_20S1G18 1.00Download
50W1000D 1.50Download
50W1000C 1.20Download
50U1000 1.20Download
50S1G6 1.40Download
50S1G6AB 1.00Download
50A250 1.20Download
504 2.20Download
500W1000C 1.30Download
500W1000B 2.70Download
500S1G6 1.30Download
500S1G6A 1.90Download
500S1G2z5 1.80Download
500S1G2z5A 1.10Download
500A250D 1.30Download
500A250C 2.10Download
500A250B 1.10Download
500A250A 2.10Download
5000A225 2.90Download
5000A225A 1.50Download
5000A225B 2.00Download
50000A30 3.60Download
50000A30-FILTB 1.10Download
50000A100 2.50Download
450S1G4 1.10Download
443 1.10Download
442 1.10Download
441 1.00Download
415 1.00Download
409 1.00Download
406 1.20Download
40_5S1G11 1.20Download
40_40S1G18 1.00Download
40_35S1G8 1.30Download
40_20S1G18 1.10Download
40_20S1G11 1.10Download
40_10S1G11 1.00Download
40S6G18B 1.00Download
40S6G18A 1.10Download
40S6G18-L 1.70Download
40S6G18A-L 1.10Download
40S4G18 1.20Download
40S4G11 1.20Download
40S1G6 1.00Download
40S1G4 1.20Download
400A400 1.30Download
400A400B 1.40Download
400A400A 1.40Download
4000W1000B 1.60Download
35S4G8A 1.40Download
350S1G6 2.20Download
350S1G6A 2.20Download
350S1G4 1.70Download
350S1G4A 1.40Download
350AH1 1.50Download
350AH1A 1.60Download
350A400 1.70Download
30_40S1G18B 1.20Download
30_20S1G18B 2.00Download
30W1000C 1.20Download
30S1G6 1.10Download
30S1G4 1.60Download
300S1G6AB 1.30Download
3000W1000B 1.40Download
3000S1G2z5 1.60Download
30000A80 2.00Download
25U1000 1.00Download
25S1G6 1.10Download
25A250B 1.10Download
250W1000C 1.70Download
250W1000B 2.80Download
250U1000A 1.20Download
250U1000 1.20Download
250S1G6 1.60Download
250S1G4 1.50Download
250S1G4A 1.50Download
250S1G2z5 1.90Download
250S1G2z5B 1.00Download
250S1G2z5A 1.40Download
250A400 1.40Download
2500A225B 2.30Download
2500A225A 2.60Download
2500A225 3.70Download
25000A30 1.80Download
240S1G4 2.20Download
20_5S1G11 1.00Download
20_20S1G18 1.10Download
20_20S1G11 1.20Download
20_15S1G8 2.20Download
20_10S1G18 1.10Download
20_10S1G11 1.10Download
20S6G18 1.50Download
20S6G18A 1.70Download
20S6G18-L 1.50Download
20S4G18 1.10Download
20S4G11A 1.50Download
20S1G4 1.20Download
200S1G6 2.30Download
200A400 1.80Download
200A400A 2.20Download
2000W1000E 1.80Download
2000W1000D 1.30Download
2000W1000C 2.20Download
2000S1G2z8 1.20Download
75S6G18C 1.30Download
175S1G6 1.30Download
175S1G4 1.40Download
175S1G4A 1.60Download
175A400 1.50Download
16000A225 3.60Download
15_40S1G18A 1.00Download
15_10S1G18 1.10Download
15S4G8A 1.20Download
15S1G6 1.10Download
15S1G4 1.60Download
150_150AW1000 1.30Download
150W1000B 1.20Download
150W1000A 1.40Download
150U1000 1.00Download
150A100D 1.00Download
1500W1000 1.40Download
1500W1000A 1.10Download
1500A3 1.10Download
125W1000 1.30Download
125S1G6 1.40Download
125S1G4 2.40Download
125S1G2z5 1.00Download
125A400 2.40Download
125A250 1.00Download
12500A225A-L 2.50Download
120S4G8 1.30Download
120S1G4 2.10Download
1200S1G4 1.30Download
1200A225 1.60Download
10U1000 1.00Download
10S6G18 1.70Download
10S4G18 1.10Download
10S4G11A 1.20Download
100W1000C 1.40Download
100U1000 1.60Download
100S1G6 2.40Download
100S1G6AB 1.50Download
100S1G2z5 1.20Download
100S1G2z5A 1.60Download
100A400A 1.50Download
100A250B 1.50Download
1000W1000G 1.50Download
1000W1000F 1.60Download
1000W1000E 2.50Download
1000S1G4 2.00Download
1000S1G2z5A 1.30Download
1000S1G2z5 2.00Download
10000A225 1.60Download
10000A225A 2.40Download
10000A225A-A 1.40Download
10000W1000 1.40Download
10000W1000A 1.70Download
1000A250 1.80Download
1000A400 1.30Download
1000A225 2.20Download