AP4000 (Discontinued)

Positioner for models ATH200M1G and ATH200M1G-1

The Model AP4000 Antenna positioner is heavy-duty support and positioner for the AR RF/ Microwave Instrumentation ATH200M1G and ATH200M1G-1 horn antennas. Built on wheels for easy movement in a shielded room or open site testing, the AP4000 allows the test engineer to rotate the antenna for either vertical or horizontal polarization as well as permit the antenna to be tilted ±30 degrees. The height can be raised from the floor to the centerline of the antenna, in 10 cm increments, to as high as 4 meters (model dependent), and can be lowered to 1 meter from the floor to the centerline. The ATH200M1G horn antenna (supplied separately) is made more versatile and easier to use by mounting it in the AP4000. The dimensions of the AP4000 are shown below. The non-metallic AP4000-series positioners are constructed of sturdy oak, which provides low reflections for EMC testing. The finish on the AP4000, AP4000M1and AP4000M3 is natural stained wood. The non-wear surfaces of the AP4000M2 are painted to match the ATH200M1G antenna, with additional covers added to the lower framework.

The export classification for this product is EAR99.