50 W CW, 0.8 – 6.0 GHz

New class A, high power density,
design has allowed us to produce a 50
watt, 0.8 GHz to 6 GHz amplifier in a
compact 4U package. With a
minimum of 50 watts of linear power
this amplifier is ideal for RF immunity
testing in a GTEM Cell or with a wide
range of available horn antenna such
as the Teseq BHA range. Readily
integrated with the Teseq NSG 80 MHz
to 6 GHz test system these amplifiers
can form part of a broadband RF test
system. The new touch screen colour
display gives an immediate visual
indication of forward and reverse
power along with the current operating
status of the amplifier and access to
diagnostic information such as gate
current and heatsink temperature.
Fan speed adjusts depending on the…