EMC Tips and Tricks

Should I Test In-House or Seek out a Facility?

In the first part of our EMC series, we gave you an introduction to the basics of how EMC testing works and the two types of specific tests you can expect to conduct. Now comes the next question in your EMC journey: Is in-house testing or testing at a facility most ideal for your endeavor? It’s important to remember that expertise and budget are usually the two largest factors in the decision making process here.

In-house pre-compliance testing is generally the most cost effective option if this is your first attempt at EMC testing, you require long-term EMC verification, or facility options are excessive for your product. An in-house testing system allows you to find particular problems in an affordable way, while also ensuring a smooth ride if facility testing is the eventual goal. Our compliance engineers are more than willing to assist in building your next pre-compliance system, and your team will receive elementary training on how to conduct your required tests once it’s up and running.

Got questions later? Our phone line is always open. Pre-compliance systems generally pay for themselves and can last decades if they’re properly cared for, so this investment is built to last.

EMC compliance testing at an external facility measures many specific performance metrics, making it the most comprehensive EMC testing available. This thorough testing isn’t cheap however, and it’s usually saved for more established organizaations or final-stage compliance testing after most of the bugs have been worked out. Using a testing laboratory may be worth it if you have high confidence in your product or have an ample budget, but otherwise you risk high spending for results that may send you back to the drawing board.

In either case, we’ll be continuing our EMC Tips & Tricks series soon with more specific info on the details of in-house pre-compliance systems and how we always make sure you’re taken care of. Until then, download our EMC Formulas pamphlet and read more in our EMC Standards Overview so you’ll be ready for the next steps!