PSP003 (Discontinued)

The PSP Series Wideband USB pulse power sensors turn your PC or laptop, using a standard USB 2.0 port, into a pulse power analyzer without the need for any other instrument. Power measurements from the PSP Series can be displayed on the PC or can be integrated into a test system with a set of user-defined software functions. A Status LED on the sensor provides an indication of the operational state for diagnostic purposes.

The PSP Series power sensors include 6, 18, and 40 GHz models for the measurement of wideband modulated signals over a frequency range of 50 MHz to 40 GHz.

With broadband measurements having rise times from 3 ns, 100ps time resolution, and video bandwidths of 195 MHz, the PSP Series enables rapid pulse integrity determinations with effective sampling rates up to 100x faster than conventional power meters.

The PSP Series power sensors have exceptional trigger stability of less than 100 ps trigger jitter providing greater waveform detail. Using external hardware trigger input rather than software-based triggering allows precise timestamping of relative trigger-to-sample delay. This precision permits the use of random interleaved sampling (RIS) for repetitive waveforms with a resulting effective sampling rate of 10 GS/s which permits accurate, direct measurement of fast timing events without requiring interpolation between samples.

Processing in real-time provides greater power integrity measurements because every pulse is analyzed and none are discarded. Trace acquisition, averaging and envelope times are drastically reduced resulting in simultaneous analysis of average, maximum and minimum Power.

The PSP Series Wideband USB pulse power sensors are supported by both AR’s emcware® software and PulsewARe. PulsewARe is a Windows-based software package that provides control and readout of the sensors. It provides both time and statistical domain views of power waveforms with variable peak hold and persistence views. Power measurements are supported using automated pulse and statistical measurements, power level, and timing markers. The GUI application is easily configured with dockable or floating windows and measurement tables that can be edited to show only the measurements of interest.

The PSP Series sensors are ideal for manufacturing, design, research, and service in commercial and military applications such as telecommunications, avionics, RADAR, and medical systems. They provide fast, accurate, and reliable RF power measurements, suitable for product development, compliance testing, and site monitoring applications.