20000A225A-L (Discontinued)

20000 W CW, 10 kHz - 225 MHz, Liquid Cooled

The Model 20000A225A-L is a self-contained, broadband, completely solid state amplifier designed for applications where instantaneous bandwidth and high gain are required. The amplifier is air-cooled for high performance and reliability (self-contained fans with internal liquid cooling). Push-pull LDMOS circuitry is utilized in all high power stages in the interest of lowering distortion and improving stability.

The Model 20000A225A-L is equipped with a Digital Control Panel (DCP) which provides both local and remote control of the amplifier. The DCP uses a color LCD touch screen and a single rotary knob to offer status reporting and control capability. The display provides operational presentation of Forward Power and Reflected Power plus control status and reports of internal amplifier status. Special features include a gain control, pulse input capability, forward RF sample port, and a reflective RF sample port for convenient power measurements.

All amplifier control functions and status indications are available remotely in GPIB/IEEE 488, RS-232, RS-232 fiber optic, Ethernet, and USB format. The buss interface connectors are located on the back panel and positive control of the local or remote operation is assured by a switch on the front panel of the amplifier.

High-efficiency universal input, power factor corrected switching power supplies provides DC to all internal sub-assemblies.

Housed in a stylish, contemporary enclosure, the Model 20000A225A-L provides readily available RF power for typical applications such as RF susceptibility testing, antenna, and component testing, W meter calibration, particle accelerators, plasma generation, communications, and use as a driver for higher power amplifiers.

The export classification for this equipment is EAR99. These commodities, technology, or software are controlled for export in accordance with the U.S. Export Administration Regulations. Diversion contrary to U.S. law is prohibited.