Non-Metallic Tripod. Will support most AR antennas weighing less than 27.2 kg (60 lbs). See specification sheet for full list of applicable antennas.

The Model TP1000B is a non-metallic tripod, constructed of rugged PVC, ABS, and nylon, offering low reflections for EMC testing. The Model TP1000B is recommended for use with most AR antennas having mounting provisions. A ¼-20 standard interface is used to attach the antenna to the tripod. The height adjustment is from approximately 89 cm to 137 cm (34.9 into 53.9 in). An additional mast is provided with the tripod that extends the maximum height up to 2.03 meters (80.0 in). Adjustable legs are provided for leveling. The antenna can be rotated 360° and tilted slightly (continuous adjustment) provided the tripod is level and the center of the load is within the footprint area. The accessory tray, on models so equipped, provides a convenient place to store supplies during testing sessions, or can be used to hold ballast for increased stability if needed. The export classification for this equipment is EAR99. These commodities, technology, or software are controlled for export in accordance with the U.S. Export Administration Regulations. Diversion contrary to U.S. law is prohibited.